The Quiet Circus: Weekly Performances

2 Sep - 25 Nov 2017
11am - 1pm
Washington Avenue Pier, S Christopher Columbus Blvd and Washington Avenue, Philadelphia


Headlong, The Quiet Circus: River Charrette 2. Photo by Jillian Jetton.


Photo by David Brick.


Headlong, The Quiet Circus: River Charrette 2. Photo by Jillian Jetton.

As part of its year-long project The Quiet Circus, Headlong presents outdoor performances every Saturday at the Washington Avenue Pier along the Delaware River. Part of a ritual performance practice comprised of performed scores and participatory activities, the weekly installments explore the relationship between site, performance, and community.

Events are weather-permitting, click here for schedule updates. Audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the day’s weather.

Through a series of 36 performances, The Quiet Circus considers questions surrounding development and decay, land and water, as well as industry and gentrification. Performances include Island, a dance-theater score created with Ishmael Houston Jones and Polly Motley; Landscape, a performance game that invites audiences to create their own scenery using nine large-scale sculptures; and The Luminous World, a durational piece in which subtle human actions reveal a buzzing, luminous performance of the environment.