Private Places by idiosynCrazy productions

15 Sep 2012
20:00:00 - 21:15:00
Live Arts Studio

  • Photo of dancers Maya Johnson, Gabrielle Revlock (shadowed), Jumatatu Poe (shadowed), and Gregory Holt; taken by Tayarisha Poe*

Philly-based choreographer Jumatatu Poe debuts this exciting, visceral work that mixes explosiveness and confinement, the effect of exterior on the interior, service and performance, materials and identity. Private Places borrows stylized movement from service industry culture and the high-powered approach of J-Sette, a dance culture with roots in drill team and majorette events at Southern historically black colleges and universities that was co-opted and developed in black gay clubs. The two share spatial formations that are tight and meticulous, activity that is repeated for accuracy, and performed under the palpable surveillance of a captain.

From subtle interaction to bombastic theatrical expression, Private Places examines notions of order—how we order, categorize, groom, distinguish, fix, and distort ourselves to achieve certain standards of presentation—and the conflation of public and private identities. The audience sits within the performance area, seated in various shifting configurations throughout the show. Immediate and exquisite switches of physicality, direction, and formation create quickly shifting rhythms, as the work displays a dizzying interplay between the movement of one and the movement of the group.

Direction: Jumatatu Poe, Dramaturgy: George Sanchez, Choreographic Consultants: Donte Beacham, LaKendrick Davis, Shannon Murphy, Lighting: Catherine Lee, Scenic Design:** Evan Leigh,** Costumes: Katie Coble Booklet, Cara Cox, Performers and Movement Designers: Leanne Grieger, Gregory Holt, Shannon Murphy, Jumatatu Poe, Gabrielle Revlock, Samantha Speis, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Michele Tantoco

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Tickets: General Admission: $35. You can purchase tickets through the Live Arts Festival, by calling 215.413.1318 or clicking here.

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