Philly Block Project: The Block Exhibition

8 Sep - 26 Nov 2016
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, 1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia


Photo by Hank Willis Thomas and Wyatt Gallery, courtesy of Philly Block Project.

The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center presents The Block, the culmination if the multi-phase engagement and exhibition series, Hank Willis Thomas: Philly Block Project. The installation will feature floor-to-ceiling photographs that stitch together a block of houses, with smaller photographs that reveal the various perspectives found within a 2-block radius of Philadelphia's South Kensington neighborhood. The Block is a collaboration between conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas and Philly Block Project artists Wyatt Gallery, Lisa Fairstein, Hiroyuki Ito, and Will Steacy, who have been immersed in the South Kensington community for the 15 months, engaging in discussions, archival research, and artmaking workshops.