Philadelphia Live Arts & Philly Fringe: The Devil and Mister Punch

8 Sep 2011
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Philadelphia Live Arts & Philly Fringe

Philadelphia Live Arts & Philly Fringe
The Devil and Mister Punch

Christ Church Neighborhood House
20 North American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106-4592

Is a good beating really cause for a good laugh? The iconic Mr. Punch (of Punch and Judy fame) murders his way through life's inconveniences, yet his story has been the basis for beloved family entertainment for centuries. Unsatisfied with mere murder, The Devil and Mister Punch delves into the even darker world of Punch's manipulators, the puppeteers themselves, and a pair of down-on-their-luck vaudeville-era theater producers, the battling brothers Harvey and Hovey, who have hit rock bottom and are reduced to presenting a puppet show that goes wildly off-course. (Appropriate for ages 16 and up.)

Julian Crouch, Artistic Director of Britain's Improbable Theatre, was commissioned to create The Devil and Mister Punch by the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival. Julian Crouch served as a co-director and co-designer on Shockheaded Peter, winner of a 2002 Laurence Olivier Award. Improbable's works include the Obie award-winning 70 Hill Lane and the Philip Glass opera *Satyagraha *(English National Opera, The Metropolitan Opera).

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