Person of the Crowd: The Contemporary Art of Flânerie

25 Feb - 22 May 2017
The Barnes Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia


Installation of Person of the Crowd: The Contemporary Art of Flânerie, 2017. Photo courtesy of The Barnes Foundation.


Brett Day Windham, Rosary, 2008-2013, mixed media. Courtesy Brett Day Windham.


Tania Bruguera, Displacement, 1998, Cuban earth, glue, wood, nails, textile. Photo courtesy of Studio Bruguera.

The Barnes Foundation presents Person of the Crowd: The Contemporary Art of Flânerie, a multi-part project that captures city life through a gallery exhibition, newly commissioned public installations and performances, and citizen-created photos and videos. Featuring over 50 artists, including leading female and minority artists Marina Abramović, Jenny Holzer, Zhang Huan, and the Guerilla Girls, the project invites audiences to become contemporary flâneurs through activities such as photography and walking tours. In the museum exhibition, contemporary works will be juxtaposed with a survey of historically significant art of modern and postmodern eras, offering a new perspective on the contemporary relevance of the museum's permanent collection.