Organize Your Own: Screening of American Revolution 2 by Mike Gray

15 Jan 2016
6pm - 9pm
Slought Foundation, 4017 Walnut Street, Philadelphia


Audience members participate in a discussion about the Original Rainbow Coalition following a screening of American Revolution 2. Photo by Paul Gargagliano of Hazel Photo, Courtesy of Daniel Tucker


In 1965 Harry Belafonte visits the offices of Jobs or Income Now, the Students for a Democratic Society community organizing project that was initiated in response to the call from Black leaders of SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee) to “organize your own” community. This group led to the formation of the Young Patriots Organization in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood where white migrants from Appalachia lived in slum conditions. Courtesy of Daniel Tucker.

In conjunction with artist and organizer Daniel Tucker's Center-funded exhibition Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements, the Slought Foundation will screen Mike Gray's 1969 film American Revolution 2. The film will be introduced by Hy Thurman, an original member of the Young Patriots Organization. Following the screening, Edward Onaci, assistant professor of history at Ursinus College, will moderate a panel discussion with historian Jakobi Williams, author and activist James Tracy, and author Amy Sonnie.

Organize Your Own is an exhibition and event series presented by Daniel Tucker that addresses historical and contemporary questions of equity, justice, and race relations. The exhibition invites contemporary artists to respond to archival materials relating to the cross-racial social movements organized by white southerners who migrated to northern cities in the 1960s and 70s.