Opening Reception for Mixing Memories – Sharing History Community Exhibition

22 Apr 2016
5pm - 8pm
Cliveden, 6401 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia


The main building at Cliveden, constructed 1763–67. Courtesy of Cliveden.

Through Cliveden's Living Kitchens, Cliveden of the National Trust undertakes a historical interpretation project that compares domestic life in two centuries through the exploration of the 1767 and 1959 kitchens inside Cliveden's historic Germantown mansion, revealing how architecture, design, and the technology of the times defined the experiences of those enslaved and in service and their relationships with the household's family.

As part of the project, Cliveden presents Mixing Memories – Sharing History, an exhibition of kitchen objects and recipes collected from members of the community through a series of memory gathering activities conducted with local churches and senior centers.

Light refreshments will be provided.