Mini-Ball-We Just Gon' Buck

14 Sep 2012
19:00:00 - 22:00:00
Church of the Advocate

Photo of dancers Maya Johnson, Gabrielle Revlock (shadowed), Jumatatu Poe (shadowed), and Gregory Holt; taken by Tayarisha Poe

IdiosynCrazy productions, along with numerous community organizations, invites you to celebrate Vogue, J-Sette, and Bucking dance with Philadelphia and national superstars. Dive-in to workshops, exhibitions, and delicious food for the first half, and stick around to witness the fiercest dancers for the full-fledged Ball-inspired event where Philly-Based voguers will demonstrate and battle their moves with nationally-renown J-Sette and ballroom masters. IdiosynCrazy productions is an experimental contemporary dance company based in Philadelpha, directed by Shannon Murphy, Shavon Norris, and Jumatatu Poe *and We Just Gon' Buck is guest-directed by *Marcel Williams Foster and Aamina Morrison. This audience engagement event hopes to bring diverse communities together through the celebration of dance that stems from queer Black and Latino experience.

This event is an outreach event connected to the world premiere of Private Places, a production choreographed by Jumatatu Poe that this company is putting on in the Live Arts Festival, September 15-20. To get tickets to one of these performances, click here. IdiosynCrazy productions is also organizing a panel on gender expression that is another ancillary event for their production of Private Places. This panel will occur on September 15, and you can learn more about it from its Dance Advance calendar listing. To learn more about idiosynCrazy productions, click here.

Admission: free
Appropriate for ages 13 and up

Church of the Advocate
1801 West Diamond St.
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Not wheel chair accessible