Kanaval: Haitian Rhythms & the Music of New Orleans at XPoNential Music Festival

18 Sep 2021
Wiggins Park 1 Riverside Drive Camden, NJ 08103


Haitian band Lakou Mizik, part of WXPN's Kanaval: Haitian Rhythms and the Music of New Orleans project. Photo by Maxence Bradley.

Haitian music act Paul Beaubrun, part of the programming for WXPN’s Kanaval: Haitian Rhythms & the Music of New Orleans, takes the stage at the annual XPoNential Music Festival on the Camden Waterfront.

Kanaval examines Haitian influences on the music, culture, and community of New Orleans, contextualizing Haiti as a historically important nation through its considerable artistic and musical traditions.

For more on this project, visit the Kanaval website and listen to a two-hour radio documentary series hosted by New Orleans’ based musician Leyla McCalla.

McCalla’s multidisciplinary musical performance Breaking The Thermometer To Hide The Fever will be performed in Philadelphia this December.