Inequality in Bronze: Community Meetings

14 Sep - 8 Oct 2019
Stenton, 4601 N. 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144


Stenton, storyteller Irma Gardner Hammond portrays Dinah at Stenton. Photo by Jeff Story, 2011.

On September 14, Stenton hosts a conversation to gather public input as artists La Vaughn Belle, Kenturah Davis, and Karyn Olivier present their ideas for a new memorial to Dinah, an enslaved woman who lived at the site and who is credited with saving Stenton during the American Revolution.

On October 7 and 8, Stenton curator Laura Keim hosts a presentation titled "On the Plantation: Expanding our Knowledge of Enslaved and Indentured Workers at Stenton,” followed by a meal and conversation.

Throughout Inequality in Bronze: Monumental Plantation Legacies, Stenton will capture what matters most to neighborhood residents in the representation of Dinah. Irma Gardner Hammond, a storyteller who portrays Dinah, serves a residency at the historic site, incorporating new research and participating in the community conversations to enhance her first-person interpretation.