Inequality in Bronze: Artist Announcement and Presentation

20 Nov 2019
5 P.M.
Stenton, 4601 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA, 19144


Karyn Olivier, The Battle is Joined, 2017, Vernon Park. Presented as part of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Monument Lab. Photo by Mike Reali.

Members of the communities surrounding Stenton, a historic house museum in Northwest Philadelphia, have selected Pew Fellow Karyn Olivier (2019) to create a new memorial for Dinah as part of its Center-supported Inequality in Bronze project. At this meeting, Olivier shares the current state of her proposal for the memorial in a presentation and discussion with area residents.

Throughout the project, Stenton is capturing what matters most to neighborhood residents in the representation of Dinah, an enslaved woman who lived at the site and who is credited with saving Stenton from burning by the British in 1777.