Headlong Dance Theater's "This Town Is a Mystery"

7 Sep 2012
19:00:00 - 21:00:00
Location TBD when you buy tickets

This Town Is a Mystery combines local dinner and performance in four different Philadelphia homes. A diverse group of four Philadelphia households was chosen from over 40 applications. Headlong Dance Theater will be making performances in each home to be performed by the household (no professional performers).

Audience members will travel to a Philadelphia neighborhood, one perhaps geographically and culturally far from their own. They will enter a home and sit in a living room with 10 other audience members. The residents of the home perform their piece, blending stories of the neighborhood, the household, and their lives.

Afterwards, performers and audience share a potluck dinner. And talk. Why?

Because every household is a universe.

Because the stories, lives, and homes of real Philadelphians are epic and surprising and moving and hilarious.

Because breaking bread with someone annihilates stereotypes.

Because being the show is better than watching the show.

Because Philadelphia has beautiful mysteries on every block.

—description from Headlong Dance Theater's project website: thistownisamystery.com

Tickets: $35; to purchase, click here.

To find out more about this project and the homes/families involved, click here.