Funeral for a Home: Creative Neighborhood Redevelopment

13 Mar 2014
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Mantua Haverford Community Center, 631 N 39th Street


Young Great Society members painting a home, 1979. Photo courtesy of Temple University Special Collections Research Center.

Temple Contemporary will hold an intimate discussion on how artists across the country are spearheading creative neighborhood redevelopment with their local community. Guest speakers include Rick Lowe (Houston), Kyong Park (Los Angeles/Detroit), and Transformazium (Braddock, PA).

This programming was developed in conjunction with Funeral for a Home, supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Under the stewardship of Temple Contemporary, Funeral for a Home will celebrate the life of a single row home before it is razed. The chosen home, one out of 500 already slated to come down next year, will receive a "funeral" to mark its passing: a free public event that will include a procession of local residents and clergy, youth orchestra and gospel choir performances, and a remembrance service at which neighbors can pay their respects. Funeral for a Home serves as a direct response to years of widespread demolition in North Philadelphia, in an effort to generate critical thinking, discussion, and action around issues of housing redevelopment and preservation.