Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary: Exhibitions

7 Jun - 15 Aug 2019
Various Locations


Where The Lines of Our Hands Meet, laster-cut wood cover, collective poem accordion book. Pictured: Mark Strandquist. Photo courtesy of Swarthmore College.

Swarthmore College presents three exhibitions for Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary, a project connecting the arts to historic and contemporary stories of refuge. The installations explore how “scholarly and experiential ways of knowing can build understanding of current issues,” according to Swarthmore’s project website. Commissioned works include pieces by book artists Islam Aly, Maureen Cummins, Erik Ruin, Courtney Bowles, and Mark Strandquist, which are shown alongside works by Syrian and Iraqi collaborators and archival material from Swarthmore’s Friends Historical Library and Peace Collection.

Upcoming Exhibitions