15 Jan 2011
20:00:00 - 22:00:00
Annenberg Center, Zellerbach Theater

[Directed by Jumatatu Poe, presented by idiosynCrazy Productions]() *FLATLAND 2010* is a physical theatre work that examines contemporary human (mis-)communication. This diverse cast of 11 athletic performers explores what happens to human relationships in a “flattened” world of abbreviation and oversimplification, where the sound bite supersedes substance and the instant message overpowers the intellectual one. Directed by Jumatatu Poe and choreographed by Poe along with all the performers, *FLATLAND 2010* is a reflective musing on the American Millenial generation. Join these 11 characters in their struggle for depth in two dimensions.Annenberg Center, Zellerbach Theater University of Pennsylvania [Buy Tickets](http://eventful.com/philadelphia/events/flatland-2010-idiosyncrazy-productions-/E0-001-032903656-5): $25 general admission [Jumatatu Poe's *FLATLAND 2010* has been funded by a 2010 Dance Advance grant.](http://www.pcah.us/dance/grants-awarded/da-grantees-2010-jumatatu-poe/)
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