The Crossing Presents "The Gulf (between you and me)," Concert #2

23 Jun 2013
16:00:00 - 18:00:00
The IceBox at Crane Arts Center

Month of Moderns II: the second of three performances in The Gulf (between you and me) project

The Gulf (between you and me) has taken years of planning and brings together composers, a poet, an artist, and a variety of musicians from Japan and America to join The Crossing in exploring a particular theme: how we seem to hear what the earth is saying to us with the same sad inability with which we often listen to those we most love. For more information on this project, visit The Crossing's website.

Chris Jonas: The Gulf (world premiere)
Santa Ratniece: Horo Horo Hata Hata (2008)
Justé Janulyté: aguarelle (Watercolor, 2007)

The Gulf (between you and me) continues with the musical world of Santa Fe composer Chris Jonas in a work that offers a musical language different from any The Crossing has yet sung. This is a collaborative work with graphics created by Philadelphia artist Dan Cole projected on the 100’ x 25’ great wall of the IceBox, intended to be heard in the magnificent acoustic of this modern secular cathedral. Also, chosen specifically for this acoustic is Santa Ratniece’s Horo Horo Hata Hata—a work in which strange prayer chants of the Ainu tribe mingle with bird calls and the sounds of wild animals—and Lithuanian composer Justé Janulyté’s aquarelle, a monochromatic study suited perfectly to The Crossing’s signature attention to tuning and texture.

The IceBox at Crane Arts Center
1400 North American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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General Admission: $27
Students/Seniors: $18

Above: The Crossing. Photo by Kevin Gearhart.