Contradict This! A Birthday Funeral for Heroes: New York Premiere

20 - 29 Jun 2019
Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 E. 4th Street, New York, NY 10003


Bearded Ladies Cabaret, Contradict This! A Birthday Funeral for Heroes, 2019. Pictured: Elah Perelman. Photo by Plate3 Photography.

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret’s Contradict This! A Birthday Funeral for Heroes travels to La MaMa in New York City. Originally commissioned by University of Pennsylvania Libraries for Whitman at 200: Art and Democracy, the New York premiere is part of Stonewall 50 at La MaMa, a month-long celebration of “World Pride.”

Marking Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday, the performance explores both the human and heroic sides of the pivotal literary figure. “Anniversaries are as much about remembering and reflection as they are about celebration,” says Bearded Ladies artistic director John Jarboe. “Have we done our ancestors justice? What did they leave us with and what kind of ancestors will we be? All this questioning is part of Contradict This! along with a lot of cake."

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret premiered this work in Philadelphia at Cherry Street Pier, May 31–June 2, 2019, as part of the Center-supported Whitman at 200: Art and Democracy.