Colored People Time: Mundane Futures

1 Feb - 31 Mar 2019
Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Aria Dean, "Untitled (Bale #1)," 2017, cotton, copper wire and straps. Photo courtesy of the Institute of Contemporary Art.

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) presents the first chapter of a three-part project examining the history, present, and future of blackness in America. Mundane Futures aims to develop a discourse around the future of black cultural production. Attempting to look beyond science fiction and fantasy, the exhibition peers into a future focused on the ordinary through the lens of four contemporary artists: Martine Syms, Kevin Jerome Everson, Aria Dean and Dave McKenzie.

Over the course of the year, ICA will stage three consecutive exhibitions, allowing the artists and ICA curator Meg Onli to build and respond to one another’s ideas over time. Quotidian Pasts will be on view from April 26 through August 11, and Banal Presents will run from September 13 through December 22.