Cliveden's Living Kitchens: The Cup That Cheers

4 Dec 2015
7pm - 9pm
Cliveden, 6401 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia


The main building at Cliveden, constructed 1763–67. Courtesy of Cliveden.

Through Cliveden's Living Kitchens, Cliveden of the National Trust undertakes a historical interpretation project that compares domestic life in two centuries through the exploration of the 1767 and 1959 kitchens inside Cliveden's historic Germantown mansion, revealing how architecture, design, and the technology of the times defined the experiences of those enslaved and in service and their relationships with the household's family. As part of the project, Cliveden presents a series of "Kitchen Conversations"—moderated discussions with scholars, community members, and activists about issues surrounding race, history, and memory.

In this "Kitchen Conversation," Dr. Gretchen Sorin, director and distinguished professor of museum studies for Cooperstown Graduate Program, NY, will discusses Americans' fondness for alcohol, how it almost led to the disbanding of the Continental Army, and the origins of our current interest in wine. Tastings of 18th-century style wines, Haymakers' Switchel, a non-alcoholic drink, and Tavern Biscuits (from an 18th century recipe), will be included with the discussion. This event is open to guests ages 21+.