Bryn Mawr Susan Rethorst residency: WRECK:fest at the fidget space

12 - 13 Apr 2013
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thefidget space

Susan Rethorst “wrecks” two of ’s newest works, situation: becoming and dust. Rethorst will engage with, digest, and “wreck” both pieces as a way of creating a dialogue and further informing the works and Megan’s choreographic processes. Feel free to come and go over the course of these “open-rehearsal” style events. Each wrecking starts with a showing of the original work.

situation: becoming
April 12, 2–6 p.m.

April 13, 2–5 p.m.

For more detail about Rethorst’s wreckings, read Megan Bridge’s article on Big Dance Theater’s and David Gordon’s wreckings of Rethorst's piece 208 E. Broadway.

These wreckings (as well as a wrecking of Marcel Williams-Foster’s work on May 18) are the final events in the Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series project Susan Rethorst: Inquiring Mind / Choreographic Mind. For more information on this residency, visit the corresponding website here.

More information about the works that will be “wrecked”:

situation: becoming

Performed by Megan Bridge, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Mauri Walton, and Annie Wilson, situation: becoming‘s choreography oscillates at the juncture of the post-human and the every day, thinking and dancing through the concepts of citation, appropriation, embodiment, and presence. Video projections and a pulsing electronic score by Peter Price envelope the senses; these are then peeled back to reveal the tattered edges of a post-apocalyptic living room inhabited by unlikely characters.


This is a 15-minute solo performed by Megan Bridge to an excerpt of Robert Ashley’s 1998 opera DUST. Ashley’s libretto weaves otherworldly, yet everyday, narratives into a thick fabric of spoken text which is creased and textured by the cadence and rhythm of the spoken voice. Inspired by Deborah Hay, Bridge has approached making this work as a practice…in particular a practice of listening.

Admission: FREE

1714 North Mascher Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122