Behind Cage's Song Books with Richard Kostelanetz and Joan La Barbara

2 Dec 2012
12:00:00 - 16:00:00
Philadelphia Museum of Art-Van Pelt Auditorium

John Cage. Photo from *Newsworks and Cage: Beyond Silence websites.*

About the Event

Talks, Workshops, and Hands-On Activities. Unpack Song Books with our expert guides. This beautiful score includes over 90 solos exploring a wide range of notational systems, including pictures, maps, and text. Participate in workshops and talks with Joan La Barbara and Richard Kostelanetz, and widen your context for this work by attending David Patterson's talk entitled "John Cage and Conundrum of 'Politics'".


Noon - 1pm: *Richard Kostelanetz *on the score of Song Books

1pm - 2pm: David Patterson speaks to "John Cage and Conundrum of 'Politics'".

2pm - 4pm: a hands-on "make your own" Song Books workshop with Joan La Barbara

Van Pelt Auditorium
Philadelphia Museum of Art
26th Street Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130
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Admission: free with museum admission (free on this day, first Sunday of the month)

For more information on the Cage: Beyond Silence festival, click here. For more information on the festival's co-presenter Bowerbird, click here.