Asian Arts Initiative presents "Finding Comfort" & "Who's Who"

6 - 28 Nov 2015
Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street, Philadelphia


August 4, 2014 mini event with Mural Arts Program students, part of Asian Arts Initiative's Pearl Street, Philadelphia, PA project. Photo by Tim Kyuman Lee.

As part of the Center-funded Consumption: A Project on Pearl Street conceived by Rick Lowe, an ongoing revitalization of Pearl Street, Asian Arts Initiative presents two installations.

"Finding Comfort" is a narrative installation exploring the concept of home, homelessness, and overcoming. Created in collaboration with the Overcomers from Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, an organization that serves the homeless in Philadelphia, "Finding Comfort" tells the stories of those who have overcome homeless, addiction, and incarceration that make up some of the many residents and stakeholders of the Chinatown North neighborhood.

"Who's Who" is an outdoor portrait series of some of the stakeholders of Pearl Street alley, an under used alley behind Asian Arts Initiative's building. Featuring short autobiographies alongside each portrait, "Who's Who" provokes deeper discussion, connection, and community building between the varied and diverse constituents of the Chinatown North community.